For several months I have volunteered for the Feed Friends Foundation. A foundation for stray dogs. By volunteers the dogs are fed and if necessary captured to sterilize and then return to the place where they are fed. I feed 3 doggies 2 times a week. 1 at the petrol pump in the village near here. This dog I hardly see and is very shy. The second dog is also not a companion animal. He has long been hiding in an old blue house. Christine, who lived there shortly there, has signed up for the dog at Feed Friends, and now he gets bumps and water every day. Slowly the fierce giant begins to thaw and soon he does not keep the bushes in, but stands still at a distance how his bin is filled. His head is slanted and his skinny giant body is ready to choose the hazepad if necessary. As soon as I have filled his bin and run away, he takes my place and begins to eat eagerly. Unfortunately, the house is now being renovated and we wonder what will happen to the unusual giant … The third dog is a secret my favorite. It’s a beautiful young boyfriend. That’s why I’ve just mentioned so (sorry Dennis). Boef lives in the parking lot of restaurant / country house DaniĆ«l. Every time I arrive, he jumps up and dances the terrain. When I step out, I’ll go back. Bang, for whatever reason, he looks at me. Recently, I’ve taken Soekie and that broke the ice. Boef and Soekie dance now together over the parking lot and it has taken some time but now Boef eats out of my hand. It took a while, but you must win trust. And it worked. I’d like to adopt Boef but iT takes two to tango! I look forward to feeding 2 x a week. And thank Feed Friends for this great initiative.